Digestive System


Digestive system is very important for people because this process can decompose the food into the energy that sustain people’s activity. Digestive system consists with digestive tract, liver, pancreas and gallbladder. Only all of these part cooperate together, the food can be decomposed better. Digestive process begins from the mouth. The saliva in the mouth will help people to break the down and then the small piece of food will through the throat and the esophagus to the stomach. The acid and enzymes in the stomach will kill the bacteria and break down the small piece of the food into liquid or paste. And then, food will reach the small intestine for absorbing the water and nutrients into the bloodstream. After this, the food waste will be transport to the large intestine to form the stool. the rectum is between the large intestine and the anus and it is like the transmission band. When the brain gets the signal that there are some stuff in the rectum, the muscles will relax and release the stuff to the anus which is the last step of the digestive system.

Each part of the organ works together and separates the work into different step for ensure the quality work of the digestive system.  Digestive system is very important for human body because it will help people to eject the waste from the body and absorb the energy which sustain human activities.  Without this system, people can not live and work normally.

Jessica Wang



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