Dung Beetles

How dung beetles work for ecology





Dung beetle

Dung ball



There are many beneficial inserts in the environment which can help the development of the ecology. Dung beetles are reply on the dung of organisms: herbivore and omnivore. There are three different groups of dung beetles: rollers, tunnelers, dwellers. Rollers always roll the dung into ball for food and storage of eggs. Tunnelers usually bury the bung under the soil. And, the dwellers only live in the dung. Dung beetles always live in the environment like dessert, farmland, forest, grassland because they don’t like cold or dry weather. This kind of inserts like the dung of omnivore more than that of herbivore. After the organism finish the excretion, the dung beetles will roll the dung to a big ball and then bury the ball under the soil. After they mate underground, dung beetles will put their eggs into dung ball. The dung ball under the soil also become the nutrient for the ground and they can improve the nutrient recycling ad soil structure for the environment. Afterwords, the environment will become better for the organism to live in the world. That makes a circles for the ecology to sustain the system.

In this system, every part subject by others and control others at the same time. The herbivore and omnivore control the number of the dung beetles because their dungs are very important for dung beetles to survive. They are food and residence for dung beetles. Meanwhile, dung beetles make the big contribution to the environment because they help to clean the dungs on the soil and bury the dungs under the ground to convert the dung to the nutrient for the soil. Also, some kinds of dung beetles live under the ground, when they move or act, they can help to loosen the soil. While the quality of the soil become better, the high quality of environment will be better for trees to grow up and other organism to live. That circulation repeat constantly and make the strong relationship among each other.




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